Authentic Tamales for sale in the UK at last

Tamales the favourite snack of the Americas

Authentic Tamales for sale in the UK at last

Tamales Mexicanos

The Original and Best

Tamales cooked to authentic recipes using traditional ingredients supplied to the UK since 2008

We are the original seller of Tamales on line in the UK and we think we are the best. So why not give us a try.

Tamales are a very popular street food in Central and South America, Southern states of the USA  have Tamales as a tasty snack.

Most countries have their own versions but all are basicly a Corn Meal dumpling filled with a Tasty Filling of either meat or vegetables cooked in a Tomato and Chilli sauce.

Our Tamales are made with authentic ingredients to traditional recipes for the real flavour of Central and South America.

We make Mexican and Belizean Tamales, I am looking at including other versions quite soon

We have had to change the way we make our Tamales, we still cook them the same way but now we are holding stocks of frozen Tamales so we can respond to your orders easily, so unless we get some big orders in we should be able to turn round your order within our 3 working day target.

If there are any problems with placing orders please email me your order to

and will send you an invoice

or you can call Marten during office hours on

023  9217 0208


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